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Special offer (Subject to availability)


1 Commodity :              Indonesian Steam Coal in Bulk – GCV (ARB) 5800 – 5600 Kcal / Kg

2 Origin :                      Kalimantan, Indonesia.

3 Quantity Supply :      55,000 MT ×/- 10% – after successful trial shipment can supply long term – quantity as per Buyer’s requirement.


Coal specifications : Based on ASTM standards measurement as below:


Specification               Unit                 Typical                        Rejection

Gross Calorific Value    ARB                 5,800  Kcal/Kg              5,600  Kcal/Kg

Net Calorific Value        ARB                 5,500  Kcal/Kg              5,300  Kcal/Kg

Total Moisture               ARB                 16-18              

Inherent Moisture         ADB                 8- 12%                         No Rejection

Ash Content                 ADB                    14                               >16%

Volatile Matter              ADB                 35-45%                       No Rejection

Fixed Carbon               ADB                 By Difference               

Total Sulphur                ADB                 0,8%                            >1.0%

HGI                                                         40-45                            Approx

Size                             0-50 mm            90%                            


Loading Port of Vessel: Safe Port from East/South Kalimantan Indonesia.

Price: FOB MV Indonesia Estimated US$ 110 MT 

Payment : LC At Sight 100%, Irrevocable, Non Transferable or Transferable from a TOP Worldwide bank.

Loading Laycan : 20-25 Days after issuance of L/C.

Quality and Quantity Surveyor : By SGS/CCIC.




Seller issues SCO Soft Corporate offer signed & sealed  

Buyer issues LOI/RWA with full banking coordinates.

Seller issues FCO, Buyer signs and return.

Seller issues SPA, Buyer signs the SPA and sends it back to the Seller.

Seller issues the final Contract to the Buyer.

5. Buyer’s bank issues L/C 100% at sight to the Seller’s bank within 48 hours.


Shipment execution as per agreed Laycan between parties with 20-25 days after LC opening date for logistics of cargo from Mine to port.

Contract Terms & Conditions:


(Will be provided after receipt of loi/icpo)


NOTE: Sending your LOI/ICPO TO OUR EMAIL to receive Offer.


The LOI/ICPO and shall conform to the Sellers Terms & Conditions and must be on Buyer’s letterhead with authorized signatory and stamp.


It is mandatory that the document carries the Buyer’s bank and bank officer’s contact information and must carry the Seller’s approved procedures.


The names and positions of the Company representative signing the LOI/ICPO must be clearly indicated. Otherwise, the document has no legal value, for the Sellers Company  to conduct their due diligent requirements, the documents must be fresh (recent date – 7 days old max.)